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Dear Mayor Barry and Chief Anderson,

Thank you for your support for Open Streets Nashville on 12th Ave South on October 30, 2016. We are excited to bring back a program that activates people, strengthens businesses and inspires public spaces by temporarily closing the street to cars. For one afternoon the street is turned into a park where all Nashvillians can come and experience streets in a new way.

Because this program should represent all communities and people of Nashville, we ask you to support Open Streets Nashville on Charlotte Ave in the summer of 2017. 

Charlotte is an iconic and diverse Nashville corridor, but despite its recent growth and development it remains car-centric. It is time for Nashville to consider seriously how our public corridors are used. An open streets program on Charlotte Ave helps our city plan for a multi-modal future. 

Charlotte Ave is one of the demonstration corridors in the ULI's Healthy Corridor Program. Open Streets Nashville is a step in helping Charlotte Ave achieve this vision.

Hosting an Open Streets Nashville on Charlotte Ave would:

  • Promote walking, biking and healthy lifestyles,
  • Provide a bridge to nearby neighborhoods and connect a diverse group of communities,
  • Bring visibility and customers to merchants along Charlotte Ave, and
  • Show Nashvillians that businesses and neighborhoods are more connected than they realize.

The positive impacts of Open Streets Nashville on Charlotte Ave would serve the local Nashville community by activating people, strengthening businesses and inspiring public spaces. Thank you for your support in working to make Nashville a more walkable, bikeable and liveable city.

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