What is Open Streets?

Open Streets Nashville is an opportunity that temporarily closes the streets to cars to encourage people to reconnect to their communities, get active, support local businesses, and play in the street. Open Streets is designed to stir the imagination to rethink public spaces - understanding that our streets, which make up a third of our cities, can have a multitude of uses. Biking, walking, rollerskating, skateboarding, hopscotching, dancing, double-dutching, and more is welcomed on the street!

We encourage neighbors, businesses, and community organizations to actively participate. This is more than just a street festival; it’s a chance to reclaim the street space as your own! Bring lawn chairs and picnic tables, draw and create art with your friends and family, go on a walk or teach your kid how to ride a bike! The possibilities are endless when we give the streets back to people, and this day is the ultimate chance for neighbors to explore and enjoy their community without cars in the street.

Free to the public, the event turns the streets into a park space that connects diverse portions of the city and offers communities the opportunity to experience their city streets in a whole new way.

Bogota, Colombia is the birth place of Ciclovia, but since its inception many cities across the country and the world have since adopted and adapted the tradition as their own. Many peer cities like Atlanta, Louisville, Charlotte, and more have adopted Open Streets style programs into the fabric of their civic life. 

Open Streets Nashville is hosted through a partnership between Walk Bike Nashville, the Nashville Department of Transportation, and community partners. 

Accessible parking will be available. 
For other ADA Accommodations email: [email protected]



  • What is the point of Open Streets?

We at Walk Bike Nashville are ultimately working to create a more walkable, bikeable, and livable Nashville for all. Through Open Streets, we aim to promote multimodal transportation– or transportation that consists of more than just driving a car. We want transit that connects people, and we want safe and inclusive infrastructure so we can move around this city comprehensively however is right for each of us. Hosting Open Streets are opportunities to reimagine streets for people and not just cars.

Additionally, we see Open Streets as a way to encourage sustainability and build resilient communities by inviting people to fully take part in their environment and the people who make up their neighborhoods. We know that air quality improves when there are less cars in an area, and it is proven that when communities come together to enjoy a space, mutual trust and respect grows.

  • Can businesses stay open during an Open Street?

Yes! We encourage businesses local to the area to come out and engage with their community. Feel free to think creatively and bring whatever you have to offer to the streets.

  • Who all can sell on an Open Street? Will there be outside vendors?

Open Streets is meant to celebrate the neighborhood it takes place in and is very purposeful in only allowing businesses local to the area to sell along the road. Because of this, we want to highlight those businesses specific to the community and will not invite outside, for-profit businesses to activate on the event footprint.

Open Streets often invites community partners to activate along the road. These partners are most often non-profit organizations and community entities, and they will not be selling anything during the event. We only invite partners that share our mission and vision for a more inclusive and thriving city.

  • Will I be able to drive on the road during Open Streets?

As a part of the Open Streets goal, car use is discouraged in order to demonstrate ways cities can function better and more interconnectedly with less car dependency. Once the road is blocked off as an Open Street, driving on them during the allotted time will be limited. We work closely with Nashville’s Department of Transportation to ensure alternate routes around the closures- and emergency vehicles will still be allowed in as well.

  • How can I support?

During our community engagement efforts, talk to your neighbors about Open Streets and let us know what you think! While we believe this opportunity is a great way to meet neighbors and think about mobility and street spaces differently, we only want to host one if the community is on board.

Once an Open Street is planned, come out on the day of and use the space however you want! Dance, hang out, visit local spots, and engage with your neighbors and the environment around you.

If you're a local business, come out of your building and directly engage with your community! Bring tables out for outdoor dining, host workshops and demos, show people what you have to offer!

We also love volunteers! If you want to be a part of helping the day run smoothly, as well as being points of contact for your neighbors, visit the Get Involved page on our site.



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