Event Info

Tour De Nash and Open Streets Nashville Event Information

Here is the event map, with all activities being offered as well as an overview of every Tour De Nash route!

Getting There

We encourage everyone to take advantage of multimodal transportation to get to Tour De Nash and Open Streets!



Public Transit

Note: WeGo's 19 Herman/The Nations bus will continue its typical action of crossing 51st Ave at Tennessee Ave, and its final action has been detoured to turn onto Georgia Ave, travel up 49th Ave onto Kentucky Ave, and will turn onto 51st from Kentucky to its end-of-route layover stop on Tennessee Ave. There will be certified traffic control personnel at all intersections that will be monitoring/directing the bus movements- keeping all event attendees safe.
The bus continuing to run on 51st Ave during this event was purposeful on our part. A major part of Open Streets Nashville is the reimagining of how streets are used and the accessibility of multiple forms of transportation. By keeping the bus running, we are demonstrating that safe, multi-use streets are possible and open streets can enhance the many ways a city moves.

Car: to respect and accommodate the parking needs of Nations' neighbors and businesses, we ask that any Open Streets attendees avoid parking on neighborhood streets and in business complex's lots. If you are riding in the Tour, please see the Tour De Nash FAQs for parking information

Thank you to all neighbors, non-profits, and businesses who have signed up to offer activities and set up parklets along 51st Ave. 

Open Streets Nashville is nothing without the community that supports and engages it

Want to join in on the festivities? Want to enjoy the streetscape of 51st Ave without any cars? Bring your own activities, lounge in your own parklet, and be a part of the community fun! Fill out this Open Streets Activity/Parklet Form to reserve a spot, or just join us out there on the day of! And check out our Get Involved page for more ways to take part!